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Our Team


Van Troi Pang MsAc, LAc.



      Troi is an acupuncturist, who received his master's degree from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a licensed practitioner in the State of New York. He is also certified in Detox Ear Acupuncture, Medical Qigong, and Face Reading (used primarily as a Chinese Medicine diagnostic discipline).


      Always aiming for the best and appropriate therapeutic outcome in patients, Troi works with several East Asian modalities and disciplines as expressions of his own interests and connection to ancestry being Asian-American of Japanese and Chinese heritage. The beauty of combining cultural influences allows for gentle and often immediate physical relief of Japanese therapies as many were historically developed by blind masters, Korean methods of body imaging and harmonization, and the ability to bring about positive changes at a constitutional level (including psycho-emotional and spiritual imbalances) rooted in Classical Chinese and Daoist medicine approaches.


      Troi brings his enthusiasm and dedication to every client at Caulo Care. He largely operates from a classical perspective that one’s health is determined by the relationships you have with the ecology of your mind, body, and spirit. These healthy relationships like any other kind of relationship we have in our lives are dependent on how we communicate with ourselves, how we treat ourselves (eat, sleep, exercise — lifestyle, and habits) and interact with our environments. Acupuncture, including non-insertive Teishin needling, various bodywork and energetic methodologies Troi employs are therefore assistive means for you to ultimately invite yourself to participate, develop, and engage in your own opportunities to change the quality and narrative of your health. 


Dr.Phumlarp Phoromyen Caulo LA.c, MAc, OM, DAHM

Founder & CEO

         Since graduating from NYCTCM (New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine) in 2019,  Mr. Caulo has built his practice around a strong focus on Pain Management, Stress/Anxiety Reduction, and Treatment of Digestion Issues. 

          I truly believe that, in order to remain in good health, we need to understand the teachings of Chinese Medicine, which first originated thousands of years ago, and apply its wisdom to our modern lives. Achieving proper health while balancing our busy lifestyles requires a harmony of many factors. We must maintain good nutrition and pay careful attention to how we sleep, work, and live, and to how our environment makes us feel. I consider it my job to help each patient take a moment, breathe, identify the root cause of the problem, and get the treatment needed to restore balance and promote healing.

     I have a wealth of honed, fully developed experience in Thai Bodywork, having practiced in Thailand for more than 15 years. Today, I use a combination of Acupuncture with Thai Yoga Bodywork, and Tui Na blended with my own unique style, to treat not only the symptoms but the root cause of pain. My joy is to see people feeling better.

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